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UI trends to improve your eLearning

The user interface of your eLearning is vital to grabbing learners attention and keeping them engaged and interacting with your training.

As eLearning is primarily is focused on the front-end (i.e what users will see and interact with) it is important that your eLearning’s user interfaces are up to date, visually appearing and interactive.

That being said here are three UI trends you can implement to improve the look and feel of your eLearning:

1. Landing pages

On a website a landing page is the first thing users will see, these pages are often full screen, high resolution images with white text overlaid on top. Having an attractive landing page or introduction slide will engage learners attention from the start and lets you intro the course.

2. Unique letter styling

Well thought out typography is something that is important to the overall look and feel of eLearning. Having a font that is consistent and well placed throughout the course will ensure the learner reads everything they are suppose to and helps them take in the key information you are trying to teach.

3. High quality images

The quality of images you have in your training directly impact how the learners perceive the course and what they are learning. Having high quality images will not only make the course look higher quality but can also be used to draw the learners attention and keep them engaged.

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