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Improved Motion Paths Features in Storyline 360 for eLearning Animations

Storyline 360’s made a lot of improvements over Storyline 2, one of which is the addition of more features to the Motion Paths animations for eLearning courses. This gives the programmer more control over the animations they put into their elearning, making for better, more interesting content.

The first is simply the option to rename your paths, making it easier to keep track of which object you’re moving at a given time in your trigger panel. This is really helpful compared to Storyline 2, when all you had to go on was the type of motion path you used and what number it was.

Now there is also a feature “Orient Shape to Path”, which allows objects to face the direction it is moving in when on a non-linear path. This is a much needed animation type when trying to add animations for objects that face the direction they’re moving in.

Finally, they have added 4 new triggers to enhance the possibilities of using motion paths.

You can now choose to have other actions happen when the object on your motion path intersects with another object, leaves the intersection with another object, or enters or leaves the slide. These triggers have all kinds of possibilities for adding engaging content to your elearning. For instance, you could animate an object traveling along a road or timeline, and at certain points when the object moves over a landmark or point on the path, you can trigger a popup to open automatically with information.

If this sound like something you’d like to see in your elearning, or if it’s giving you ideas on how to build better courses, please contact us at to discuss helping you add more engagement to your elearning courses!

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