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How eLearning Can Help to Prevent Privacy Breaches – Privacy Blog Part II

Last week I started a discussion on the importance of protecting your business’s privacy, so this week I would like to offer a few tips that apply both to the organization and the individual employee. As I mentioned last week, we take the protection of our customer’s privacy very seriously, so much so that we have developed programs, both eLearning and instructor led, that cover all aspects of safeguarding customer privacy. So let’s get started by asking the question, what is a privacy breach?

A privacy breach can occur through a variety of actions including theft of personal information or the inadvertent sharing of personal information. A privacy breach may also arise from faulty business practices or poor implementation of office procedures. A few simple examples include employees not “locking” their computer to restrict access when they are away from their desk, or an organization failing to properly destroy older customer records no longer needed.

Staff must be trained on how to properly identify privacy breach attempts. Staff members should remain vigilante when receiving email that require opening a file or visiting a link to a third-party website. Hovering over a link embedded in an Email without clicking it, will help identify the “identity” of the sender so if it looks unfamiliar, use caution!

Poor email security or caution can also lead to an intrusion in to an employee’s computer and subsequently, their companies network through “phishing” email or fraudulent ads. Once access is gained the intruder can then pull any number of valuable information from devices on the network. As such, proper email security is a large part of the programs Pathways Training and eLearning offers.

Next week we will conclude this discussion by looking at a more ways we can protect ourselves against a privacy breach and thus, protect your and your organizations, valuable data!

If you’re interested in learning more about privacy protection eLearning modules or instructor led (ILT) programs on privacy protection for your organization, please contact us at or at 1-888-961-6011.

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