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Leadership Courses offered by Pathways

This week the Pathways team will be running an all-day workshop for one of our luxury automotive clients. While the objective for the workshop is essentially to allow groups within their organization to attain greater insight as to what their peers are doing, and as well to ascertain how they can work together in a more cohesive manner…much of the discussions will be focused on communication excellence for leaders.

In thinking about the discussions we are preparing to have with the leaders and team members, I thought it would be interesting to share an overview of one of the many instructor led courses offered by Pathways Training & eLearning that lends itself very well to the topic above. The title of the course is “Leadership Fundamentals”

The objectives of the course are as follows:


  • Inspire commitment and leadership development in others to achieve departmental/team mission and vision

  • Recognize and utilize practical and effective reward and/or recognition measures for increased employee engagement

  • Effectively analyze the benefits of delegating all or some of a project or initiative to a colleague or direct report

  • Recognize the stressors currently challenging you and/or your direct reports and how to best utilize available coping resources to mitigate their impact

The course is offered over 2 full days and utilizes group activities and case study reviews to reinforce the topics which include aligning behaviours with vision, managing change, personal values & professional values & influence without authority to name a few.

Next week I will continue this discussion and provide a summary of a few eLearning courses we have recently developed that focus on communication and leadership. If you’re interested in learning more about eLearning modules or ILT programs on leadership for your organization, contact us at or at 1-888-961-6011.

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