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Classroom Training & eLearning Discussion

These past few months I have spent most of my time split between developing eLearning storyboards and leading classroom training, both activities of which I enjoy very much. I mention this as my work efforts being divided between two of the most common elements of training is an interesting segue in to a question I was asked recently while working with a client on a storyboard built around privacy awareness, and that is…

“How does one determine when to use eLearning versus in class, instructor led sessions”?

In some instances, making the determination between using eLearning or instructor led training is simple, and often done for you before development starts. For example, consider geographic location of the intended audience. If the material you are developing is intended for a national or even global audience, or it is not economically feasible to bring your intended audience in to a classroom, then eLearning it is. Also, aside from the fact eLearning is a significantly cheaper option when compared to instructor led training, many organisations are now focusing on making “greener” choices when it comes to the business decisions that are made. Understanding that, using eLearning is a perfect compliment to that philosophy. By having the participant learn from home or the office, the individual’s carbon footprint is significantly reduced by avoiding unnecessary travel, hotel stays or the use of conference halls, classrooms, etc.

Next week I will continue this discussion and look at some of the other determining factors that may help you make the decision between eLearning and instructor led training.

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