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Role of the Project Manager

Over the next few weeks I will be facilitating two of the popular programs offered by Pathways Training & eLearning which are Introduction to Project Management and Applied Project Management. The intent of these courses is to provide professional planners with the basic knowledge and skills in managing various sized projects in all areas of urban and rural community development, urban design, environment, transportation, health and social services, housing, and economic development. It also provides the participant the opportunity to practice using the common project management tools.

Last week we discussed the interpersonal skills that are an important part of effective project managers. This week I would like to continue the discussion with a few thoughts on the role of the project manager.

The Project Manager must manage the 4 basic aspects of a project:

Resources are required to carry out the project tasks. They can be people, equipment, facilities, funding, or anything else capable of definition (usually other than labour) required for the completion of a project activity.

Project time management refers to a component of overall project management in which a timeline is analyzed and developed for the completion of a project or deliverable .

A Project Budget is the total amount of authorized financial resources allocated for the particular purpose(s) of the sponsored project for a specific period of time. It is the primary financial document that constitutes the necessary funds for implementing the project and producing the deliverables.

Scope is the way you describe the boundaries of the project. It defines what the project will deliver and what it will not deliver. High-level scope is set in your project definition (charter) and includes all of your deliverables and the boundaries of your project. The detailed scope is identified through your business requirements. Any changes to your project deliverables, boundaries, or requirements would require approval through scope change management.

Next week we will continue the discussion by looking at strategies for selecting your team members to help ensure success of a project.

To learn more about our project management courses or any of the other exciting programs offered by Pathways Training & eLearning, email us at or phone us at 1-888-961-6011 ext 121).

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