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Project Managers & Interpersonal Skills

In the next few weeks I will be facilitating another of the popular programs offered by Pathways Training & eLearning, Introduction to Project Management. The intent of this course is to provide professional planners with the basic knowledge and skills in managing various sized projects in all areas of urban and rural community development, urban design, environment, transportation, health and social services, housing, and economic development.

As you can imagine the course focuses on the key phases of project management, however an important part of the agenda includes a discussion on what are typically considered the most important skills required for a project manager.

As such I thought it would be interesting to share the skills summary below, and next week continue the discussion by looking at another segment of the course that is outside the “phases of a project”, selecting your team members.

With that said, the following is a summary of interpersonal skills that all project managers should be aware of as a means towards working better with other stake holders and thus, running a successful project.


There is one component of leadership that is so important, so necessary, that without it, leadership cannot exist. That component is confidence. Self-confidence is the fundamental basis from which leadership grows


The key project management communication skill to master is the ability to listen, to be clear and ensure you’re understood. When information flows with the right messaging, at the right time, to the right person, through the right channel, almost any hurdle can be overcome.


The key project management leadership skill to master in leadership is making sure you’re leading, rather than just managing. That means providing a vision and a road map for success and serving and empowering your team to get there.


The key project management negotiation skill to master is finding that middle ground – working out compromises so everyone that matters feels like they’ve won!

Time Management

The project management time-management skill to master is doing the right thing. If you can make sure you don’t get caught up in wild goose chases on your projects and can stick to focusing the best part of your time on the important things everyone will win.

Risk Management

The project management risk management skill to master is the ability to identify risks well before they become issues, and come up with effective mitigation plans so that the risk of them ever becoming issues is nullified.


The project management planning skill to master is planning to the extent that you’re always ten steps ahead and always know ‘what’s next’. That means not only for success but for the disasters too. As a skilled project manager, you’ve always got a plan up your sleeve.

To learn more about our project management courses or any of the other exciting programs offered by Pathways Training & eLearning, email us at or phone us at 1-888-961-6011 ext 121).

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