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Engaging Courses Offered at Pathways

Over the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be interesting to hi-light some of the great courses offered by Pathways Training and eLearning, both ILT and WBT. For this week, we will look at one of our more popular instructor led courses, Excellence in Team Management.

This full day course focusses on first ascertaining the level of managing experience of each participant, and as well their personal comfort level with the responsibilities of the role, hi-lighting what they enjoy the most and what aspects of managing a team they may find challenging. Time permitting, this exercise may also include examples from each student of what they feel a great Manager is by providing their own experiences, relating events of what a Manager did for them that really stood out.

After the initial introduction activity is completed, the remaining course is broken down in to the following 5 parts, taking approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

Responsibilities of a Manager

Covered mostly via an exercise, the students are put in to small groups of 2-3, and document on a flip-chart what they feel are the key responsibilities of a Manager. Results are reviewed with commonalities and differences highlighted for further discussion. The objective of this activity is gain a better understanding of how each manager is spending their time, and does this align with the overall objectives of the organization.

Communication to Drive Trust

Communication best practices and building trust are discussed via group exercises. Topics covered are the principles of Openness (Honestly keeping people informed, Listening and responding to all concerns Credibility (Keeping Promises, taking ownership of failed promises) and Trusting Others (Acknowledging expertise of others, Encouraging contribution of others)

Managing Across the Generations

Now more than ever, managers need to understand the changing dynamics of the work force and how we need to adjust our communication styles to ensure full team engagements. The learners will uncover management skills and techniques to better understand the dynamic between Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. They will also discover practical tools and learning(s) to better manage, communicate with and evaluate the generations and their workplace needs.

Performance Management

This discussion is dependent on what level of performance management is currently in place within the organization the student works for. If a PM program is in place, discussion will focus on best practices of performance management including setting goals, aligning team vision with organizational vision, managing priorities, reward and recon ignition, succession planning and managing difficult conversations. If a program is NOT currently in place, students will complete a group activity in which they document what they feel are the key objectives of their team, and how specifically success will be measured.

HR Fundamentals

Covered through a group discussion and individual quiz. Topics include fundamentals of employment law, duty to accommodate, human rights and workplace discrimination.

Next week will continue this discussion, looking at one of our exciting WBT courses offered by Pathways Training and eLearning.

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