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Managing People and Yourself--Introduction

This week I have been facilitating a program for one of our valued automotive clients, titled “Managing People and Yourself” More often than not, the class includes some lively debate as the Managers discuss best practices for managing their people, relative to particular scenarios that are brought up. One topic that always drives good conversation are discussions on can the Manager demonstrate impartiality and objectives that could have a negative impact on themselves. For example, what would you do if you if your top sales person demonstrated poor behaviors in front of other staff? Would you be able to manage the issue and decide on a course of action regardless of the outcome, even if it meant losing a person who’s contributions to you sales goal far exceed any other team member?

In reading the above example, I am sure most Managers would say that the team comes first, and no one is “above the law”, regardless of their contributions. Fine words for sure, but the reality is for some organizations, especially those that rely on their employee’s ability to sell a product…. the waters can become a bit murky when deciding what is best for the team vs what is best for the organization.

In the coming weeks, I will be discussing the topic of team management best practices in greater detail, starting with the issue introduced here today. I will also highlight some of the great instructor led and eLearning courses we offer at Pathways that deal with these and many other topics.

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