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Free eLearning Button Downloads

When you’re developing elearning courses, you’re going to need some great looking graphics to use in your interactions! Don’t forget about object states when you’re building interactions into your elearning so your learner can tell what can be clicked on, what they’ve already clicked on, and what they should click on next in your course. Don’t forget that Storyline has more than just buttons – refresh your memory on the lesser used slider interactions. If you’re feeling ambitious, try building your own custom buttons for your elearning from our tutorial!

E-learning Heroes can help you out with its free library of buttons, switches, badges and icons to encourage your learners to click on your content. Here are some of my favourites. Scroll down to download the graphics and look at what other free downloads E-Learning Heroes has to offer.

Don’t forget to check out our other articles on tips and tricks for getting the most out of Storyline, or contact us to discuss helping you design and realize your elearning vision!

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