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The Benefits of Micro-Learning

With companies looking to maximize training and minimize the time spent on training, microlearning has become a staple in the training industry. For those of you who are not sure what microlearning is, it’s actually quite simple. Microlearning is giving learners the most important relevant information in the shortest possible time. Microlearning is training that is available at the drop of a hat and delivered using multiple training methods, that keep the learner engaged and the information fresh. A module could include videos, games, whiteboard animations, infographics, virtual environments or 3D animations to name a few. All this being available to the learner 24/7.

Although this solution might take more initial funding than traditional methods, businesses will save more money in the long run. Think about eliminating costs associated with training materials, facilitator costs, travel expenses and time spent implementing long courses. Another benefit to microlearning is the retention. Because people can access the information at any time and right before they need it, they will be more engaged in the topic. Consider a manager that has two employees that are having a conflict, and they are not sure how to deal with it appropriately. They simply access the “conflict resolution” micro-course online or on his smartphone and brush up on their skills. Because the information is directly relevant at the specific moment, the retention level will be very high.

With these 10-15 minute “bursts” of information that your employees can access whenever they like and on-the-go, I can guarantee the levels of retention will increase within an organization. For more information on this topic and examples of how Pathways can make this a reality for you, please visit our website at

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