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Good, Fast Cheap – How It Relates to Picking a Corporate Training  Vendor

You have probably heard the phrase “fast, good and cheap: pick two”. It is a favourite of mine and think it should be taken into account when looking to hire a corporate training vendor. Basically it means the following:

• Design and develop something fast and to a very high standard – it won’t be cheap. • Design and develop something fast and to a low standard – it won’t be of high quality. • Design and develop something of high quality at a cheap price – it will take a long time.

Now these aren’t rules set in stone and a good vendor should be able to work within your budget and time constraints to come up with something that is realistic. When you are approaching a corporate training vendor think about the scope of your project, what your time constraints are and what your budget can realistically afford you. A reasonable vendor will work with you and be honest about what can be accomplished and not over-promise, rather surprise and delight! Just because you have to make a sacrifice in one of the three doesn’t necessarily mean that the other two need to suffer to the point where you are not happy with the finished product. Those in the corporate training world know how fast paced it is and that business moves with a blink of an eye so being on the same page from the get-go and allowing your vendor to be consultative on the best approach, will be best for the finished product!

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