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Fixed Pricing in Corporate Training

It is quite common for clients to ask for a fixed-price for various corporate training solutions, from an elearning module, to a mlearning app to a whiteboard animation. This is an expected question and a totally reasonable one to ask. While fixed-price solutions do exist on the market, we pride ourselves on making custom solutions that are unique to our clients. After figuring out what the best solution is for a client, then we can figure out a fair price.

The fixed-price solutions will be based on templated themes, and while this will reduce the cost of your solution, it will also reduce the creativity and innovation. This is what will set apart your training from the pack and give your learners a much more effective and enjoyable experience. Most people wouldn’t buy a car based solely on the fact that it has 4 wheels, an engine and a steering wheel. So why would you want to engage with an elearning vendor that is offering the bare bones? The majority of people will want a car that looks good, has a nice interior and feels nice to drive.

Think about that the next time you are shopping for an corporate training vendor and it may change your outlook when it comes to making the right decision for your training.

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