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Technical Snags that can Ruin an eLearning Module

Designing and writing your elearning content is an involved process. If you

are doing your job thoroughly, you have most likely spent quite a bit of

time making sure it is clear, concise, and effective. Making sure that the

technical aspects of your elearning are working smoothly is just as

important, because if the learner gets too annoyed with the usability of the

module, it won't matter how good the content is.

Here are a few things to avoid:

1. Ease of Navigation - learners should not feel challenged when

navigating through the module. Navigation from slide to slide should be

effortless and learners should be able to access resources easily. For

example, if they must step away from the module for some reason, it should

be easy for them to return to the module and continue from where they left


2. Multimedia Elements - be sure to check system requirements for the

playback of live videos, animated videos, etc. Include playback controls so

learners have the option to control volume or rewind/fast-forward. Make sure

to use high resolution images at all times so they aren't distracted by

fuzzy images, while also remembering to not over-clutter the module with too

many graphics. Only use graphics that support the content and make sense to

what is happening on the slide.

3. Responsive Design - as more and more learners are accessing online

learning from different devices, makes sure you aware of what those devices

are and plan your design with that in mind. There are authoring tools and

LMS platforms that offer responsive features, which will assist in every

learner receiving the same experience.

There are always going to be minor snags when it comes to technology, but

these 3 things will help keep them to a minimum.

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