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Selecting the right training modality to suit your needs Part II

Recently I was asked a question by a client that I think I a god topic of discussion…and that is, how does one determine when to use eLearning versus in class, instructor led sessions? In the first part of the discussion last week we talked about the cost and environmental implications of each modality. This week I would like to briefly discuss other factors such as considering the learning objectives and available resources.

When thinking of the content, ask yourself this… What is it that you wish the students to learn? If the learning objectives all relate to understanding the finer points of karate, then I and probably most of us would choose to attend a class led by a qualified instructor as opposed to staying home and watching Bruce Lee movies. However, if the tasks, activities, functions, etc. are either performed on a computer or easily viewed on any type of media, then there is a very high probability that eLearning will be the best method for providing that content. Colleges and Universities across North America have been using self paced eLearning for several years now to provide instruction in almost all courses that are offered as part of their curriculum, so the limits are endless when it comes to what subjects one can learn through eLearning.

In some instances, the pros/cons are seemingly equal between going with instructor led training versus eLearning. In these situations, a person then should consider who will deliver the training if instructor led is chosen as the delivery method. I am sure most would agree that just because a person is an expert on the content, does not mean they will be able to effectively teach the material to a classroom full of students. We have all been in at least 1-2 classrooms where the facilitator was a terrible communicator, could not manage questions, was rude to the student’s, etc.… As such in situations where there may not be 100% confidence in the ability of finding the right facilitator to deliver the content, then eLearning would be the way to go.

Next week we will conclude this discussion by looking at a few remining opportunities that can help sway your decision between instructor led training and eLearning.

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