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The Possibilities of 360 Degree Video Training

360 degree videos are becoming a valuable tool for any training program, especially when other digital benefits are included such as image zoom or object clicks for additional info. If you’re wondering what the possibilities are, I’ve compiled a list of possible uses for this technology.

  1. In the healthcare industry, doctors and nurses can study treatments and procedures from any angle while listening to scripted audio.

  2. In the manufacturing sector, trainees can fully explore the equipment they will be working with, their surroundings, and protocols. They are able to do this without occupying and actual space or resources in the real work environment, or the time of an instructor.

  3. It can be used for employee onboarding to new new-hires familiarize themselves floorplans and resources without taking up the time of a manager.

  4. Engineers or city planners could study different landscapes or environments to see how people, structures and surroundings are affected.

  5. In any environment where health and safety is a concern, learners could be immersed in certain scenarios without ever being in any real danger.

  6. They would be perfect for customer service scenarios, which hits almost every industry, as learners could be immersed in various scenarios with customers to learn how to deal with them more effectively.

The virtual reality approach that 360 degree videos applies to training makes it useful across a variety of industries, and a more immersive experience will translate into a better training. Contact me at for a demo.

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