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How to use 360 Degree Videos in Corporate Training

360 degree videos is a shiny new toy in the world of corporate training and at Pathways, we are excited to be bringing this technology to the Canadian market. Here are some ways it can be applied to corporate training:

Case Studies

360 degree videos give you the power to create immersive case studies and real world examples for your audience. Your learners can truly step into the experience firsthand and experience whatever training environment they are in as the main character. The environments can be anywhere from an office setting to a manufacturing plant floor, and feel so it real the learner will experience the emotions that are tied to the environment.

Product Knowledge Training

This topic is very well suited for 360 degree videos as you can pan around the screen and examine products in their entirety. Instead of reading about it, learners can experience products in the VR world in real-time.

Virtual Walk-throughs

This is probably the most obvious use for 360 degree videos. A great example for this topic would be for onboarding new employees, and would allow them to take virtual tours of their new job locations. On-site exploration would allow them to familiarize themselves with their new work environment without the stress of doing it their first day on the job, allowing them to be fully prepared on what to expect on day 1.

This technology can be used virtually anywhere (no pun intended), all we need is access to the environment you would like to have in the training. We film on location, then embed the video into an elearning module and you’re ready to start learning in a virtual environment.

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