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3D Simulations – Why Are They so Good?

Many organizations are still just not ready to support this type of learning, yet many have been using it for years (flight simulation training for pilots). Whether you’re ready or not 3D learning is an exciting area of elearning, that I believe will become commonplace in the near future. Here are 3 reasons why 3D simulations will revolutionize the elearning world:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect – if learners are unable to practice what they have learned in a real-world environment, it is very common for training to not be successful. Real-life situations can be presented where learners have to deal with real scenarios such as; dealing with a unruly customer or using production machinery on a plant floor. This allows learners to visualize what they have learned and apply it in a safe environment where mistakes won’t cost them their job. 3D modeling replicates an employees on-the-job environment as close as it can be to the real thing and can also be updated to stay up to date with current best practice.

  2. Mobile-Ready – many workforces are on the move these days and rarely spend the whole day at a fixed workstation. 3D simulations work very well on mobile devices and this is evident in all the hundreds of thousands of games being played on smartphones right now. Learners like to have the flexibility of where and when their learning takes place so the mobiles capabilities fit nicely with 3D simulations.

  3. Fun Factor – learners are engaged when going through a 3D simulation because it is very closely related to gaming. This, to me, is the main reason why it is so effective – it makes learning fun. The more fun the learning is the more motivated learners will be to engage in the learning and focus on the topics.

Think about this question:

How good of a pilot do you think you could be if all your training was done through reading books?

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