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5 Articles to Help You Add Video to Your Elearning

With the technology available now for learners to interact with elearning, it gives developers a wider range of ways to develop content that is more impactful and engaging for their audience. A great way to do this is through adding video. Here are 5 articles for what you need to know to get started in producing video for your elearning. Best Practices for using Video in elearning - A complete primer on the basics of what you need to know to produce video and considerations when putting it in elearning. How to Effectively Use Video for Training - Tips for getting better results from your video content. Video Security in Your Online Courses - A list of suggested resources for hosting and protecting your video content. Why Video Is The Best Medium For Microlearning - Why video might be the best way to present microlearning. Pros and Cons of Using Video in elearning - Things to consider when making the decision to put video in your elearning.

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