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Converting eLearning Content to Mobile Learning Courseware

The explosion of smartphones has completely changed how we access information, whether it be through social media, apps or even youtube. With people spending so much time on their phones these days, it makes perfect sense to make your elearning content available through a mobile solution as well. However, it isn’t as straight forward as a click of the button. There are a few things you need to be aware of before creating a mobile version of your elearning.

  1. Redefine learning objectives – before re-purposing your content, create an outline of the mobile courseware with a clear definition of primary learning objectives. Not only will this help you review the existing course, it will identify which elements of the course can be seamlessly integrated into the mobile version.

  2. Keep it simple – if a course is text or image heavy, you should decide where you can shave down the amounts of each that you have on the screen. The screen sizes on phones are a lot smaller than a desktop so be wary of what will work aesthetically on such a small display. You will also want to keep navigation and interactivity simple, the mobile course will be designed for touch screens, which have limitations. Also take into account that people will be learning “on the go”, so they most likely won’t have time for lengthy activities, videos or simulations.

  3. Adaptability – remember that not all mobile solutions respond the same on all devices, IOS and Android devices need to be designed differently. This is where testing comes into play and is a crucial part of the process. Make sure you test on all platforms and then…….test again.

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