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Training and eLearning – Is It Worth It?

For many companies, it is possible to conduct all of their employee training in-house. Often it is preferred. After all, contracting training out to a third party is expensive. Can a third party company even provide trustworthy training? What do they know about us and the business we do?

These are certainly valid questions. Small companies may very well do better with hands-on, in-house training, showing the new employees the way they do things and how they like getting them done. However, as companies grow, the need to provide consistent, quality training is better met by a professional company that specializes in the subject. After all, you could also paint your own house, or install your own plumbing – however, if you want it done right and avoid risk, it’s better to have a qualified professional do it.

Just like painters and plumbers, not all training and eLearning companies are the same. Some are more interested in your money than in delivering a quality product that is proven to increase the effectiveness of your workforce, and provides standardized testing to keep track of your employee data. Just like all kinds of vendors, some will provide their goods and services cheaply – but at a risk of receiving poor quality product. It is therefore prudent to do some investigation, and carefully select the company that will provide training to your workforce.

Training and eLearning can be an expensive proposition. Is it then worth it to spend a fraction of the budget in this area? Why not use the money to improve the office space, buy more equipment, have a few more company events to increase morale? After all, most people in the department know what they are doing. Surely they can help out those who are new or behind, if need be.

Consider the risk; a few employees can easily damage company reputation through negligent action, lack of knowledge, or mistakes. It takes years to build up a brand, a name that represents quality and dependability. Sometimes, it takes days to lose it. There are many companies who suffered huge losses due to poor decisions made by some of their employees. The workforce are more than just the people who do the work; they also represent the company itself.

One classic example of training failure is the catastrophic episode of Target Canada Inc. Although Target performs very well in the United States, the operation in Canada encountered fatal problems partly due to the lack of proper training of its employees on a newly implemented inventory tracking system. Albeit the catastrophe that was Target Canada consisted of many complex factors, the mismanagement of inventory is lauded as one of the foremost. Perhaps with better training, some of the issues could have been avoided.

Preparation is the secret to success. Companies that are expanding nationally and internationally, with employees at many locations, would especially benefit from standardized, accessible eLearning program with trackable results. It is each company’s responsibility to keep an eye on its employees’ performance, up-to-date knowledge, and training that they require to do their job well. Our company, Pathways Training and eLearning can provide the solution. Let’s talk!

If you are interested in learning more about our company, Pathways Training and eLearning, please visit our website here.

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