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Elearning vs Classroom ROI

One of the biggest challenges that proponents of elearning have is demonstrating ROI for this modality of training. As is with any large expenditure in an organization, projects need to prove they will deliver a benefit to justify the investment. So what costs should you consider when trying to calculate your ROI? Here are a few items to consider:

Logistical Costs:

  • Number of participants

  • Number of days training

  • Classroom cost per day

  • Travel cost per day

  • Material cost per participant

Development Costs:

  • Needs assessment

  • Instructional design

  • Module programming

Deployment Costs:

  • Classroom space

  • Materials

  • Participant travel

  • Participant wages

  • Instructor wages

  • Instructor travel

There could be other variables to factor in here depending on the specific type of training, but this is a good starting point. The numbers will be different for everyone but basically you can have a column total for elearning and a column total for classroom training, and see how those totals compare to each other.

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