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Online Learning Portal

So what is an online learning portal? Technically speaking, it’s basically a website that acts as a repository for your learning materials. You can store training documents, videos, animations, elearning, mlearning, etc. They can also include customized applications such as discussion forums, event calendars, social media or other ways for learners to interact with each other. Learning portals can become quite complex but the idea is to keep it simple to use and provide easy routes for learners to navigate. There are many aspects to consider when building you portal but here are a few key ones that you should keep in mind.

  1. Accessibility – the whole idea of the learning portal is convenience and being able to learn on the go. The portal must be accessible and responsive across a range of devices, allowing the learner to start at their desk then pick up where they left off on their smart devices if necessary.

  2. Content Curating – the portal must be flexible enough to allow learners to customize their learning journey by giving them access to small chunks of information that is relevant to them and their roles.

  3. Discoverable Content – there should be more than one way to find relevant content, as well as a system that will recommend content that the learner might be interested in. All content should be tagged with key words for “Google-like” searches and a “like/dislike” feature will allow learners to recommend content to their co-workers.

Here is an example of a Pathways learning portal below.

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