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Cloud-Based Learning Management System

As internal corporate systems evolve, so too are the modalities and technologies that are used to deliver training content and report on learner activities. Traditionally, a company’s LMS is housed internally. Now we are seeing more and more companies opt for the cloud-based LMS platform for a faster, more flexible approach to managing and monitoring on-demand training online. Learners can log in to the LMS remotely and immediately have access to the learning that is specific to their job function, whenever and wherever they like. This could be pre- or post-learning.

Not only does this solution take less time to deploy, it is easier to maintain. Your vendor can provide you with administrative access to easily upload, modify or remove your training as necessary. With external hosting, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or upgrading the system and you can have all the secure storage space you require. Bottom-line, why not let someone else deal with the back end!

Cloud-based solutions myths:

  1. Cloud cannot scale to large organizations – you can easily scale up/down without making expensive changes to your existing It systems, it doesn’t matter if you have 10 employees or 10,000, the cloud is built to scale quickly and efficiently.

  2. Cloud is not secure – security in the cloud has increasingly become more sophisticated, most reputable vendors use hardware that resides in highly secure data centres. Security threats are no greater, and in many cases much less common, than those faced be on-site systems. Cloud-based vendors have to diligent in this aspect or they would go out of business!

  3. Migrating to the cloud is a hassle – with an experienced vendor, it can happen seamlessly and quickly with minimal downtime. The short-term inconvenience doesn’t outweigh the long-term benefits of great efficiency, cost effectiveness and a solution that is ready for the future.

  4. Low cost is the cloud’s main attraction – while low costs are definitely a big advantage of the cloud, for many organizations agility, scalability, quick access and high-quality infrastructure are more compelling benefits.

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