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Using 3D or virtual reality environments as part of your training methodology creates a whole new aspect of your training that will enhance your learner’s experience. This type of technology breathes life back into traditional online training and stimulates greater enthusiasm and interest in a course which translates into greater retention. Virtual reality scenarios can be used to test the knowledge gained from elearning in a life-like situation, allowing you to see what decisions the learner makes and how they react to the consequences. These simulations can replicate a variety of real-life occurrences such as human actions and behaviour. People usually learn best when they learn in real life and this is the next best thing to that, especially with high quality graphics and interactive scenarios.

By enabling learners to directly interact with their learning materials, virtual reality makes courses immersive and entertaining, thereby increasing engagement and motivation to learn, and also appeals to different types of learners in a way that standard eLearning does not

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