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It is not uncommon for one to be involved in multiple projects at the same time with varying levels of complexity and scope. Effective project management will help with avoiding issues throughout a project and here are common issues that can occur, as well as how to tackle them.

Assigning the wrong person to manage the project

Before a project begins, a Project Manager will be tasked with the job of managing the goals and expectations of the project. The person who occupies this role will be accountable for ensuring the overall success of the project. Thus, it is important to consider someone whose skill set corresponds with the requirements of the project.

Insufficient buy-in from project members

If project members are not on board with the project requirements, the rate of overall success inevitably declines. To increase buy-in from project members it is imperative that reasons for, benefits and risks of the project are clearly communicated. As well, when people have a clear understanding of their roles within the larger picture, they are more likely to want to actively participate in the process. Facilitate communication channels with project members at all steps of the project. Setting up regular meetings can be effective to keep the project on track. Encourage project members to voice any concerns or potential issues ahead of scheduled meetings.

Taking on multiple projects at the same time

Everything cannot be done at the same time and some tasks will almost always have to take priority over others. The same rule applies to projects. If there are one or two major projects for which you require some of the same project members, be cognizant of their capacity and the roles that they play within various projects. Overloading members with tasks can lead to work that is of sub-par quality. As well members may become disengaged from the project which works against the buy-in principle.

Not being specific with the scope of the project

Too much or too little flexibility can negatively affect the realization of a project. As much as possible, define the scope of your project from the outset and monitor the project regularly to make sure your team is within the scope.

Not having a clear standard for defining success

From the inception of a project it is important to clearly define the expected end goals. Outlining expectations will assist with setting up timelines and with the general planning around resources. For the project manager as well as members, having a well outlined plan truly makes the execution process on projects flow smoothly.

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