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Programmers often find themselves working for hours at a time, working on tasks such as, coding, building modules, setting interactions, and building graphics. Often because we get so caught up in the momentum of tasks, and at other times it is because we work in fast paced work environment that ensures we deliver on client timelines.

But just like anyone who works in an office or studio, we all spend a majority of our day staring at monitors, and it is critical that we take special care to reduce eye strain and ocular fatigue.

To alleviate strain there are 5 tips that I have implemented into my work habits that drastically improved how my eyes feel at the end of my work day.

1.Dark shaded themes

Some applications (Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite) offer different color themes that will re-colour majority of the UI. Switching to a darker theme really helps reduce the stark bright light produced by your monitor when applications are in use.

2. Control the lighting of your work space

The lighting setup in your work space can absolutely alleviate strain and fatigue. Be sure of 2 things. That you have an adequate amount of light in your work space, because it helps reduce the contrast from the light produced by your monitor. Secondly, to position your lights/screens to minimize sharp glares.

3. 20-20-20

Essentially referring to exercising your eyes. The example above means to every 20 mins, look at something 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. However all forms of eye exercise throughout the day would be extremely beneficial compared to none.

4. F.lux

Applying science of colour temperature and brightness, f.lux is a computer software that adjusts the colour temperature of your monitor to reduce strain throughout the day.

5. Computer eyewear

Using the same science of colour essentially, that blue light waves are sharper and more straining on your eyes to deal with. Various outlets have created eyewear that cuts out the blue light waves.

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