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To Code or Not to Code

Depending on who you ask, the ability of an Instructional Designer to write code will bring up a variety of answers. One might think that using just an authoring tool to create their elearning will get the job done and that might be the case depending on what you would like to accomplish. However, if you can add the expertise of a Computer Programmer to provide animations and graphics written with a computer language, then why not?

I suggest using a combination of these two skill sets to create a solution that is better than either one on their own. While authoring tools are necessary, there are certain things they can’t accomplish. Having someone that can add value to your elearning module using HTML5 or JavaScript, can really set it apart and elevate the content to a new level. One must also take into account that many different devices are being used these days to access these modules and responsive design is crucial to the delivery of a module that makes sense to the learner and looks good.

Coding isn’t for everyone and I understand it’s not an easy task to learn. That’s why we, at Pathways, have taken the strategy of having Computer Programmers AND Instructional Designers. They compliment each other very well and make for a more impressive and effective final product.

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