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Creating customized buttons is something I consider an essential when designing visual elements in eLearning and or Web Based Training courses.

When using Lectora things can be a little different when compared to the industry standard authoring tool (Articulate Storyline). With that in mind I would like to outline the process I use for creating custom buttons inside of Lectora.

eLearning Lectora buttons

Below you can see the result of my custom button method, where we have the 3 primary states: Normal, Hover(Over in Lectora), and Down.

To begin from the Navigation Ribbon, select the INSERT tab, and then select Button>Image Button.

Next, use the drop-down menus to load your custom made images into the desired locations

eLearning Lectora

Lastly, build your images in the image creator of your choice, I use Adobe Photoshop. From to add a sense of volume I prefer using gradients on the surface of the design. For the Normal Button, ensure the gradient darkens at the bottom. For Hover/Over, I often remove the gradient, to give a sense of a lit state. And lastly, for the Down state, I use the original gradient but reverse the direction, giving the sense of a depressed button.

This method is extremely modular, as you can modify the Hues, apply textures, as well as custom icons, or custom text to make your buttons feel truly unique.

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