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Looking for a LMS vendor? Here's your checklist

Finding a LMS solution that is right for your company can be daunting, and for good reason. It can be an overwhelming thought thinking about all the different options, functionalities and which one fits with your organizations’ needs. Here are a few thoughts to consider when evaluating possibilities:

  • Is it adaptable enough to handle the changes of your organization?

  • Can you fully brand the LMS so it has your company’s look and feel?

  • How easily can your learners communicate through the LMS?

  • Do you have administrative access to add, alter or remove content?

  • What does the scalability look like? Can it handle your company’s growth?

  • What does the customer support look like?

  • Can you configure the LMS to produce relevant reports?

These are just a few thoughts to consider when doing your shopping and make sure you think “big picture”, as hopefully your company will grow!

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