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mLearning Is Not The Future, It’s The Here and Now

An amazing transformation has occurred over the past few decades… we’ve lost our ability to wait, to be patient, to be bored.

We no longer remember what to do, when there’s nothing to do.


I blame the Internet. More specifically, I blame the technologies that reside in the palm of our hands. Super computers really. Smart phones and tablets that are so powerful, they are akin to dragging around an entire set of encyclopaedias everywhere you go.

If you’re reading this and wondering what an encyclopaedia is… use Wikipedia and work backwards.

Now, to be clear, this blog is not a thinly veiled diatribe on how I’m longing for the world that ‘used to be’. Quite the contrary; as a company we’ve embraced the world as it exists today. We are content in our realization that we will not return (at least not soon) to a time of patience. In fact, patience has been replaced by pace. Meaning speed above all else, in virtually everything we do.

We do not wait. We Google, we YouTube, some may Bing or Yahoo… but we do not wait.

So why should learning be any different?

It isn’t. Except that learners are most often bound by the inability of their organizations or institutions to produce content quickly. They are also stymied by their environment’s (corporate, academic or otherwise) ability to provide that information in microbursts. Just like the ‘Internet’ can.

Training must be mobile and fast. That’s where we come in.

We have recognized as a company that micro learning is not the future, it’s the ‘here and now’. Our technology solutions have created ways for our client partners to push real learning out to their organizations with pace. mVideo, mLearning, mGaming, mEverything…

As a speaker, I hope there will always be a place for classroom learning and facilitator driven discussion, but the world has changed and Pathways Training and eLearning has changed with it.

Learning happens in classrooms, meeting rooms and living rooms – so the more readily available the content, the more likely the learning is to occur…

You’re looking at your phone anyway.

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