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Pathways has a wide variety of eLearning and classroom based courses. These courses can be purchased as an “off-the-shelf” offering or they can be customized to reflect the realities of your organization. Pathways also offers a wide variety of learning technology templates and tools for sale and please refer to our eStore for a detailed description of our offerings.

Customer Service Courses

Providing Extraordinary Customer Service (1/2 day or 1 day course options)

Providing a good customer service experience is the cornerstone of any successful business. This course will highlight the importance of providing excellent service. Best practices for providing good customer service and dealing with difficult customer situations will be addressed.


Exceptional Customer Service for Contact Centres (1/2 day)

To compete successfully in today’s challenging business climate – and survive in the long term – organizations need to create customer loyalty by providing remarkable and outstanding service. This hands-on seminar, guides contact centre representatives through proven approaches for excellent customer service. It combines customer service training with best practices in customer communication to bring participants the skills they need for perfect customer service interactions on each and every call.


Customer Service and the Luxury Buyer (1 day)

Did you know that people will pay 15% more for a great customer service experience? Luxury buyers are no different, they expect the highest level of customer service from the companies that they buy from. This course will teach about the unique nuances of the luxury buyer and how to provide this clientele with an exceptional customer service experience!

Leadership Management Courses

Understanding your Leadership Style (2 day)

Self-awareness is a valuable trait for any effective leader to possess. In essence, in order to lead successfully, it is imperative that we understand our leadership style and the end goals we wish to accomplish. This course offers an overview into various leadership styles through a self-assessment activity, while presenting the advantages and disadvantages of various styles. Learners are encouraged to consider their style of leadership and are offered tips on how to communicate effectively to create trust among employees and to drive business results.


Essential Business Management (2 day)

Managing a business is no small feat! Understanding the key principles of proven business management strategies can serve to propel your organization on the path to success. This course provides valuable tips on how to manage various aspects of the business in order to achieve your overall desired end goals.

Managing People (1 day)

Human capital is the backbone of any organization. As such, effectively managing employees helps to ensure that your organization is able to achieve its projected objectives. This course offers insight into how to lead a diverse team through identifying employee personality types and strengths, and using this knowledge to leverage worker performance. 

Performance Management

This course offers various tools which managers and leaders can utilize to assess and manage employee performance. By the end of this course, learners will be equipped with the knowledge of how to recognize and reward high performing employees, as well as how to effectively coach those who are performing below average, to maximize their capabilities. 

Moving into Management (For New Supervisors or Managers) (1 day)

So you’re a new leader of people. What do you need to do to motivate your people and what do you do if you have a challenging direct report? This course will teach you what to do to be successful if you a new supervisor or people manager.

Project and Time Management Courses

Introduction to Project Planning (1 day)

This course outlines the process of how to create an effective project plan as well as explains how to minimize risk while overseeing projects of various scopes. Learners are introduced to common project management tools and practices to ensure the success of the project cycle. 

Project and Time Management (1 day)

This course will teach busy individuals the basics of project management. Time management concepts will be reviewed and tools and techniques for managing multiple priorities will be addressed. A prioritization assessment will be used to help individuals determine where their time is being spent and if it is aligned with both their personal and professional goals. 

Change Management Courses

Change Management Fundamentals (1/2 day)

This course provides insight into the principles of change management and highlights the importance of effectively managing change across an organization. Learners will understand their roles as change leaders to effectively manage organizational transformation while focusing on context, process and human dynamics. The course equips leaders with the required tools for creating a change management plan and offers tips on how to deal with resistance to change. 

Sales and Relationship Management Courses

Sales and Relationship Management

Relationship Management (1 day)

Effectively managing client relationships is central to maintaining an organizations’ flow of business. This course focuses on how to build, manage and retain a sustainable client base. You will learn how to anticipate client needs and gain insight into how to meet and exceed customer expectations. As well, the course explores the ways in which technology can be leveraged to improve client relations. 

Sales Management (1 day)

Sales Managers are tasked with the job of building strategy around the sales processes for their teams and the territories for which they are responsible. This course explores the three main areas of sales management: leadership, business management and talent management. Special focus is placed on internal and external customer service and how it relates to improving and maintaining a consistent level of sales for the organization. 

Strategic Selling (1 day)

This course offers proven tactics to strategically sell products and services to clients. Employees will gain insight into the world of strategic selling and how it differs from transactional selling. As well, there is a focus on the Virtuous Knowledge Cycle and learners are instructed on how they can apply these principles to their personal strategies.

Business Courses

Social Media Strategy (1 day)

Within the past few years social media has become an important part of how an organization interacts with its employees and clients. This course will explain the benefit of creating a solid social media strategy, and offers tips on how to drive traffic to your organization while avoiding common mistakes. As well, you will learn how to leverage various social media platforms to benefit different aspects of your company. 

Negotiations - Influence Without Auhtority (1 day)

A smooth negotiation process is a key step in solidifying business transactions. How this process flows is dependent on multiple factors. Knowing how to manage these factors can enable you to be an effective closer in any type of negotiation. This course guides the learner through how to anticipate and prepare for failed negotiations, and outlines the three domains, levels, and phases of negotiations. This course will also focus on what to do in project and business situations to influence others to ensure the results you need, regardless of your position.

Aligning Vision with Strategy (1 day)

This course provides leaders with the tools required to execute their strategic and tactical plans while ensuring alignment with the goals of the organization. Leaders will be guided through the process of creating a functional plan for their teams with the focus on inspiring commitment and development of the organizations’ human capital.

Decision Making (1 day)

Knowing how to analyze information in order to make decisions that offer the most benefit with minimal risk is a highly valuable skill to possess. This course outlines common situations within the workplace in which decisions must be made in a timely manner, with consideration of various stakeholders. Proven solutions are offered and an overview of different decision-making methods and strategies are discussed. 

Overcoming Objections (1 day)

In this course, participants will learn how to handle objections in order to help others buy into a sale, project or request. Participants will also learn how to handle objections differently when the objection is from a client or an internal employee and how to handle people who are “resisters” when the objections are coming from colleagues. In addition, to objection handling, the change management curve and the importance of change management strategies will also be discussed in this course, in order to ensure a positive outcome in any situation.

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Fundamentals (2 day - includes filming)

Do you feel your presentations are impactful or is the way you are communicating effecting your career? Public speaking for many can be a daunting task. Why not get ahead and acquire highly sought out skills for producing engaging presentations? This course gives an overview of best practices in developing and delivering a presentation. You will receive personalized feedback and coaching on your speaking style and you will gain insights into your strengths and how to improve your presentations in the future. 

Additional Leadership Courses

Diversity Training (1 day)

In the global economy within which we live and work, diversity training has become a necessity. This course takes the learner through the concept of diversity and outlines the various facets within it. Proven communication, self-awareness and leadership skills and on how to effectively deal with diversity issues will be addressed. 

Generational Dynamics (1 day)

This course focuses on facilitating healthy communication channels among employees of different generational groups. Differentiations are made among traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X and generation Y. The strengths and weaknesses of these groups are highlighted, and as well strategies on how to leverage each groups’ strengths to improve communication within an organization are provided. 

Effective Communication and Dealing with Difficult People (1 day)

Effective communication skills are the backbone of any successful organization. This course highlights efficient communication practices for employees to follow when interacting with colleagues and clients. Dealing with difficult people and common business situations will also be addressed.

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