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Typing on the Computer

eLearning & mLearning

Whether our participants are seated behind a computer, or relaxing on a couch with their tablet, Pathways electronic and mobile learning projects are a genuine source of pride.


We work to ensure that each module’s design reinforces participant knowledge through a compelling, interactive, and relevant experience. 

Video & Animation


​Whiteboard animations are short videos that have become increasingly popular for training as they can be created cost-effectively. 

Pathways' amazing whiteboard animations cater to a client’s customization and content needs.

video animate

Learning Management Systems

Pathways offers customized learning management systems branded specifically for your organization.

These allow you to quickly access all training videos, manuals and eLearning courses at one easy site! ​We provide you with everything you need to get started and our pricing plans make us an affordable choice for all organizations!

Coding Station

Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is the future of elearning, and we're proud to be at that forefront. 

With simulated training spaces, classrooms, or work environments, you can have the same learning experiences as on site, anywhere you can be connected online!

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