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A great change strategy is 80% people and 20% staff...

Change management strategy is rooted in the notion that, "the change you require will never happen, unless your people are on board."


Of course, behind every great plan is a final goal. So every change initiative must be anchored to a vision - or risk being challenged at every turn with the timeless classic, "... if it ain't broke..."


Pathways understands that when confronted by "new and different", people become frustrated and rigid in their thinking and rebel against it. Working closely with your staff, we first acknowledge and then overcome this resistance, through programs designed to communicate, provide training in and sustain the desired change.


We help your leadership recognize the forces for and against change within your organization. Our assessments are both targeted and holistic focusing on individuals, departments and divisions. In every case, we are driven to create organization wide buy-in for the particular change that is underway.

Critical Steps to Successful Change:

"People don't resist change. They resist being changed!"

-Peter Senge

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